5 tips to creating an insta-worthy wedding day style that reflects who you are

At the start of March when the dreaded ‘C’ word was only just beginning to plague us I was thankful to be able to carry out my first styled shoot. The headline piece for my portfolio, a fantastic opportunity to meet and connect with other industry suppliers and on a day of the worst storms we’ve seen in a really long time we had to say goodbye to the outside aisle I had envisioned. 

I wanted to share my inspiration and design process for this shoot so that you can learn more about how I work and also how to turn your ownoccasion, and what you’d like your day to say about you as a couple into a concept for your wedding day. 

The end of spring, turning into summer is one of my favourite times of the year and as a stylist, who is inspired by nature, and storytelling I knew that this first shoot was an opportunity to showcase my style, and bring this to life. 

I always start by thinking about the lovely couple that the day is for and what vision is going to suit them best. For this shoot I fabricated clients (who were a bit like me, let’s admit it!) and thought about what was going to be fitting for them and how best to tell their story. It doesn’t always need to be obviously in front of you, for the colour palette I knew it needed to be joyful, interesting and summery. I settled on these images, inspiration from a happy hot holiday and from the English countryside. 

I wanted to use a happy but sophisticated colour palette and an abundance of florals for a casual weekend wedding in the rolling Surrey hills. This is the beginning of an idea for me in my process of curating the perfect wedding style. 

I normally begin with a magpie approach, I put all of the directions I could go on a piece of paper, I go round the house collecting items that inspire me and see how they fit together before creating a pinterest board which ultimately forms part of my moodboard. 

I add in complimentary colours, a grey to anchor all the vibrancy and then tone the bright pinks and oranges down into pastel for a softer approach. I enjoy pairing opposites and added in the blues, a nod to the Pantone colour of the year. 

When looking at all the different elements and choosing suppliers it was important to think about the vibe and feeling of the day as a whole. I can speak about each element from the ceremony, to the wedding breakfast and next day brunch at a separate time but we want to make sure they all link and look cohesive. 

I chose textures like flowing and soft linen alongside textured ceramic dinnerware to convey a sense of casual cool. The flowing fabric also reminds me of loose linen dresses that you wear on hot days so it’s perfect for this type of style. Gold cutlery and candlesticks added brightness and luxury on the table. Even the bouquet was loose and flowing to convey a sense of unpredictable and easy- going beauty. 

Light is really important to me so I chose a venue with fantastic lighting as well as a photographer and colours that could create an overall bright image.

I can’t stress enough how important finding the right suppliers is for curating a design concept that is well executed and exactly how you imagined. The suppliers I approached for the shoot are true creatives and industry veterans.  You want people who understand what your vision is but can deliver it in a way that only they know how. 

Having an idea about the feeling of the day is really important to me, to know how casual or formal the vibe of the day is. The story of this shoot was about a couple who enjoyed being outside along with the company of friends and family. It was about creating a beautiful celebratory space which didn’t interfere with the actual celebration. A space to be a just married couple, laughing and dancing with family. 

In conclusion here are your five steps to creating a style concept, a blueprint if you like for making sure your décor represents who you are, what you want to say and of course looks beautiful. 

  1. Weave in elements of your story and who you are. Do you love travelling, being outside, fashion, art or being with family? 
  2. How can you represent this in your day and colours? Think about elements like colours, images, textures and florals to bring yourself to life. 
  3. Decide on a vibe, or a theme if this helps you. How do you want your guests to feel, what sort of cocktails will you serve, is there a strict dress code? Are you going for an all-out party, something casual but sophisticated or maybe glam. 
  4. Contact and work with great suppliers. Explain your vision, and choose people who understand what you want to achieve.
  5. Link your textures, colours, florals and fabrics together throughout the ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast and photographs for a cohesive look and feel. 

And remember to HAVE FUN!

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