5 ways to be more eco-conscious on your wedding day

Weddings are an investment, it’s going to be one of the biggest days or weekends of your life. You want to start it right and waste might be a concern for you from the beginning. 

With all the different elements that go with a wedding you are never going to be 100% eco-conscious, and it can become stressful trying to be, you might even begin to compromise on what you really want.

Having a more eco-conscious wedding has been increasingly popular amongst couples planning their weddings and I really believe that being as sustainable as possible is important. Weddings are typically quite wasteful, the carbon footprint can be quite large even without going abroad and there is often a lot of single use items which sadly end up in the bin. 

As much as I think it’s important to take steps towards being more sustainable, I don’t think you have to compromise on style. Here my top five ways to be more eco-conscious when planning your wedding. 

The Dress

Wedding dresses are an investment, but once you find ‘the one’ you just have to have it! Either sell your wedding dress so that it can have another glorious day or purchase a second hand dress. 

  • Websites like www.stillwhite.com are fabulous for purchasing designer wedding dresses at a fraction of their rail price – dresses which have been used as samples or someone else’s special day. 
  • Alternatively if you’ve found the dress of your dreams but you’re worried about if only ever being worn once, why not give it another go on the dancefloor and recoup some of your investment by selling your dress after the wedding day. 
  • If you are thinking of buying a preloved dress then going vintage could be the way to go. 
  • Hiring suits for your Groom and groomsmen’s is quite common but you can also hire your bridesmaid dresses and wedding dress. 
Stationary suite created by LouPaper for Weddings by Emma Louise at Botley Hill Barn


Stationery is an investment and there ways to approach it whilst being more eco-friendly. 

  • Why not send a e-invite to your guests? You could have an artist design a beautiful piece of artwork just for you which creates a PDF to email your guests. 
  • If you are still leaning towards sending traditional invites then make sure to choose a supplier who uses recycled paper. 
  • If it fits with your styling, why not send invites which are filled with flower seeds and can be planted in the ground to grow something lovely. 
Puddings created by Kalm Kitchen for Planning Redefined, photographed by Hannah Duffy


Everyone wants to eat great food at a wedding, but have you considered food-waste?

  • Make sure to use a sustainable caterer who sources as many of their ingredients locally. 
  • Use a local caterer to cut down on travel.
  • Ask your caterers if they do things like compost their food waste and use compostable plates, cutlery and napkins.
  • Make sure to use items that aren’t one time use, you can hire some beautiful tableware.
Floral arrangement by Jessica Eliza Florals for Weddings by Emma Louise at Botley Hill Barn


I love a wedding which features lots of flowers, I think they really make the day. However they can be one of the biggest waste’s at a wedding which is super sad. There’s a few ways which you can approach this. 

  • You could ask your florist to feature florals which are in season and sourced locally. 
  • Make sure there is a plan for your florals at the end of the night, have your wedding planner or trusted party member divide the bouquets & table centre pieces between Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, Bridesmaids and other special people. 
  • If it’s possible to reuse florals from your ceremony into your wedding breakfast then not only will this save you money but they’ll also be less waste. 
  • Make sure your florist isn’t using items like floral foam to arrange your flowers as this is basically plastic and single use. 
  • Why not have some dried floral arrangements? This way you can keep a decorative part of your wedding day at home for a long time to come.
Model Chloe at Botley Hill Barn, photographed by Megan Daisy Photography and dress by Debbie Rees Bridal

The Venue

Venue, finding the right venue for your wedding day is so important. It needs to fit with you and your guests and offer everything you want to feature in your day. 

  • Choosing somewhere local to you or to where the majority of guests live will mean less travel, and a smaller carbon footprint from travel. 
  • Choosing a venue that is a free standing building will also be more eco-conscious as you won’t need to bring in structures and items, it will also mean that recycling infrastructures are already in place. 
  • If your guests are already living scattered across the UK or the World, or if you have already booked an overseas wedding then your carbon footprint is going to be a consideration. You could look at planting trees with consideration for offsetting the pollution caused by travel.

There are so many eco-conscious and sustainable suppliers out there, who can create what you want from your wedding day without compromising on style.  Do your research and try to use suppliers local to your venue! 

If you would like some advice, or need a hand planning your wedding then please do get in contact!

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