5 ways to bring together a cohesive design at your wedding.

Having an idea for how you want your wedding day to look and feel is one thing but to help each element you’ve chosen really shine and work with the day you want the design elements to flow seamlessly and be cohesive together. Like a great roast dinner, each little piece on the plate should taste amazing but work when teamed together!

For cohesiveness there needs to be consistency, and that’s consistency throughout the day. From the ceremony, drinks receptions and through to the last dance make sure similar colours and styling features in each space.

Here are my 5 top tips for creating great foundations of cohesiveness!

Be inspired by nature and the seasons. Each different season brings it’s own colour palette. Using inspiration from around you on your wedding day also creates a sense of belonging. You can use apps like Adobe Capture to take a picture of your favourite autumn walk and it will create a colour palette for you. Alternatively I like to look at which flowers are out at the time of year to get inspiration. 

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Decide on an accent metal, this could be gold, rose gold, silver, or antique silver – maybe even a gun metal. By keeping your cutlery, candlesticks, frames, vases and any other accessory in the same or similar metal you won’t have to worry about anything not matching and working together throughout the day. 

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Choose a neutral that your colour scheme works with, grey has been very popular in recent years but whites and creams also work well. You can use this for your table linen, stationery paper colour and the basis for your floral colours. It will help your primary colours to pop and been seen. 

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Create a curated inspiration and mood board. Gather inspiration from places like Interior Design, Art work, being Outdoors and so much more all in one place with Pinterest and once your lots of ideas, start to edit and delete pictures that you don’t absolutely love. Eventually you’ll start to narrow down your ideas, you can swap images in and out to create a cohesive group of ideas and inspiration that work together. 

Share your inspiration with your suppliers but also share each suppliers ideas with your other suppliers. For example your stationer will be able to create something truly unique to you and perfectly suited to your day if they know what sort of florals and colours your florist is working with. 

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