Do you need a wedding planner?

We cannot be experts in everything and planning a wedding is a big undertaking. The average wedding could take over 500 hours to plan, and couples can be in planning mode for years. Knowing where to start your planning can be hard but they’ll also be questions along the way.

At this time you might be thinking ‘Do I need a wedding planner?’ or ‘What exactly does a wedding planner do’

Emma coordinating a wedding. Do you need a wedding planner?
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here are 10 ways a wedding planner can help save you time, calm your worries and get your planning on track.

Budgeting: Starting with a budget is really important, it needs to be a number you are comfortable with and one that is also realistic for the wedding you want to create. A wedding planner can give you advice on a budget, help you find trusted suppliers who fit within this budget and also manage it for you week to week.

Venue search: Finding the perfect venue is so important, it’ll be your home for the day and it needs to be a special environment for you and your guests. It also needs to work for you on location, accommodation, budget, style and vibe. Having a wedding planner on board from the beginning will dig up great finds, collate quotes and organise site visits.

Design / vibe of day: Many style led wedding planners like myself will come to your wedding planning journey with lots of inspiration. This creative energy means you’ll have a bespoke wedding, designed with you in mind and bring your exact vision to life and sometimes in unexpected ways.

Do you need a wedding planner? Emma at a wedding at the walled garden at Cowdray House
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Styling the day: All the little details that are personal to you come together on the day to create small moments of joy for you and your guests. Having a style led wedding planner on the day to set this up for you will create a guest experience for your guests that they’ll remember.

Event managing on the day: I hate to say it but what if something goes wrong? Or whose going to move your ceremony chairs to the reception? Who is going to help your suppliers set up or your guests find parking. Having a professional wedding coordinator present on your day will relieve stress and you’ll be able to relax knowing everything is being handled and you can just enjoy your day.

Supplier recommendation: Finding suppliers is easy right? But is finding a group of creative, professional, trusted people who are within your budget, near your venue and come with great recommendations easy to find? Working with a wedding planner doesn’t mean you have to go with their recommendations but it does mean that anyone we do put forward to you is coming with our full support and you can trust them to be amazing.

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Logistics & timeline recommendations: There are so many moving parts to weddings, these large events will have lots of logistical hurdles for you to overcome and having an experienced wedding planner on board to work through delivery times, movement of your guests, photography sessions and more is another headache reliever.

Sourcing accommodation for your guests: Did you know that lots of wedding planners like myself are able to help your guests source accommodation. If your venue doesn’t have enough space then we can find hotels and rooms for your out of town guests.

Troubleshooting: When you hire a full plan service wedding planner you are hiring a wedding BFF. That means we can talk through any issue and find a resolution together.

Do you need a wedding planer?
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Ensuring there is always a glass of fizz in hand. Needs no explanation, if alcohol isn’t your thing that’s okay as well i’ll be sure to keep you on the dance floor.

If you are planning a laid back luxury wedding and are wondering if you need a wedding planner then please do drop me a message to see how we can work together: Message me here!

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