Four things to think about before setting your wedding budget


Talk about your guest list. Guests = Money. The more guests you have the bigger the venue you’ll need and also the more you money you are going to need to spend on catering and place settings. Having a rough idea of the size of wedding you are planning will help you with all of my other budgeting tips, help you plan and keep you focused on the viability of venues and suppliers. 


The next one will link with guest numbers but thinking about whether you’d like to keep it simple or extravagant will help you budget. Would you love floral meadows down the aisle, a harpist and a sit down meal or are you thinking of a beautiful town hall wedding with a great restaurant afterwards. Is this going to be a big affair or an elopement? 

The Cherry Barn by Lucie MLT Photography


Decide on the location you would like. If you’ve decided to elope then you might want a destination location, or perhaps you’d like a marquee wedding or English country garden in a country house. If your numbers are smaller then you can think about intimate and interesting locations. 

Millbridge Court by Hannah Duffy Photography


Talk through your visions and what you think is going to make a wonderful wedding! Is it live music? Or great food, maybe it’s an open bar or fabulous florals? Create a short list of your top 3 priorities, these will be the things you are willing to spend more of your budget on to create your perfect day. It’ll help you to make decisions when faced with a this or that scenario. 

Balcombe Place by Claire Graham Photography

Once I have this type of information from my couples I have a pretty good idea of where they want to spend their money and can create a very rough first budget. Securing a venue is always the first place to start with any wedding plan. The venue will set the date, the location, the adjustment of guest numbers that might need to be made. It will also help to decide on how much décor and florals you are going to need as well as what the catering options are.  

Here is my rough visual guide of where to allocation your wedding budget. I always create a bespoke budget for my couples as it will change depending on the venue. If you are planning a marquee wedding then you need to budget for bringing in chairs, tables, catering tents and so much more. Alternatively if flowers are going to be the most important part of the day for you then you might want to consider spending less elsewhere.  

If you’d like to talk about your wedding budget then please drop me a message! I’d love to hear from you.

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