Plan your epic destination UK wedding with expert help

If you are planning a destination UK WEDDING then here’s 5 reasons why a UK wedding planner can be very helpful.

WeddingsbyEmmaLouise bride and groom enjoying a beach destination UK wedding.
Romantic and Delicate Wedding Elopement Inspiration on the English South Coast

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming under regular circumstances however if you are planning a wedding in a different country to the one you live in then the distance can make it seem like a much harder task. Hiring a dedicated wedding planner in the country you are getting married in will make the entire process much less stressful and more enjoyable for you. I help couples from across the world plan their beautiful weekend weddings, and here are five of the most common reasons couples need help with planning a destination UK wedding.

Local knowledge of venues

If you’re planning your wedding in the UK and you’re thinking of having a weekend long epic celebration that starts with a rehearsal dinner, and on to your ceremony and wedding breakfast ending with a morning after brunch the next day to wrap up then having a venue which is exclusive use and where you’re able to have all of your events in one place is really important. International guests flying in from other countries will want somewhere that has great transport access. If you’re planning your wedding overseas you might not be able to get to the UK to see your wedding venue therefore having an expert knowledgeable wedding planner who lives in the UK and knows the UK wedding market to make recommendations of venues that will suit you is important.

Regional knowledge and expert recommendation of wedding suppliers

When planning any wedding you want your team of wedding suppliers to be the best team possible. You’ll want to create a friendly atmosphere where the suppliers are really talented and they know exactly what your vision is for the day and are able to create it for you. Having a wedding planner who’s based in the UK and has a great network of suppliers already is really handy and means they are able to make recommendations that you can rely on are suitable for you and your vision.

WeddingsbyEmmaLouise setting up a destination UK wedding in a marquee.
Emma from WeddingsbyEmmaLouise during set up for a marquee wedding

 Site visits

Planning your wedding from abroad and you’re not able to travel to the UK regularly or maybe not even at all then you might need someone to be on hand to do site visits. This is especially important if you’re having a marquee wedding. Site visits which are videoed and sent over to you will help you to visualise the layout and understand the possibilities. Site visits can also help if you are stuck between a couple of different venues, a planner’s video and opinion can help you decide. A wedding planner will already be very experienced at doing site visits they’ll be able to video call you in send you a video talk you through the venue and bring the venue to life for you. 

Expert advice and knowledge for the logistics of your wedding

All weddings come with some logistical challenges whether that’s supplier deliveries, how to get power into a venue or where catering tents are going to go. Having the wedding planner at these times is really useful and it’s especially useful if you are planning a wedding from abroad, you’re not going to be able to work through these problems yourself but your wedding planner can do this for you.

Someone to be on the ground in the UK

Don’t underestimate how useful it will be to have a dedicated wedding planner on the ground and able to help with errands. From taking deliveries, help with a centralised rsvp location and so much more. 

Findon Place in West Sussex - destination UK wedding venue.
Findon Place in the South of England.

These are just five reasons why hiring a wedding planner to help you plan your beautiful destination UK wedding whilst you are living abroad. If you are planning your epic wedding in the UK and you would like some advice then please drop me an email and let’s get started! You can click here to start your wedding planning journey with me!