Planning an outdoor wedding useful tips

Outside marquee wedding

planning an outdoor wedding in the uk

With the summer weather looking here to stay, and also the looming threat of COVID-19 still being around in the near future getting outside for space and fresh air on your wedding day might now be in your plans. Or you are just totally in love with those warm summer evenings, watching the sunset with a glass of fizz in hand like me? Whatever the reason i’ve put together my tips for planning an outdoor wedding.

Green and White Marquee Wedding

Here are a few things for you to consider when taking your wedding outside;

  1. Be happy with the inside option! Having an inside back up plan for the British weather should be the first thing you consider. To avoid major disappointment don’t think of this option as the worst case scenario but as another option that you are totally okay with. Everything you choose to hire and style your wedding day should also fit into this plan.

2. What happens if it rains or it’s cold? You are getting married in UK, plan for rain! Guests won’t mind sitting through your ceremony if there is a light passing rain cloud. Get yourself some stylish umbrellas and perhaps a few rain jackets. Summer evenings in the UK can also turn chilly so make sure you have blankets and heaters on hand!

Outdoor wedding set up

3. Double check your suppliers requirements Your suppliers should be well versed in outside weddings but it’s a good idea to lease between them and your venue to check things like power access, delivery access and whether any of them will need some shady cover.

4. Can you legally get married outside? Lots of venues will have a covered area in their gardens which is licensed for a wedding, however if not you’ll need to think about having a legal wedding before the reception. However if you would still like a symbolic ceremony at the same venue, on the same day then consider hiring a celebrant for a personalised service.

5. Style accordingly! One of favourite parts, there are so many lovely options for styling an outdoor wedding. You can look at seated lounge areas, creative lighting and personal touches. Sometimes you just need to make a few adjustments, like attached your floral arrangements and thinking carefully about how items like table stationery will be placed so they don’t get blown away.

Romantic and Delicate Weding Elopement Inspiration on the Beach

I hope those few tips have helped you get started with creating your perfect outdoor wedding. I would always recommend hiring a wedding planner for an outdoor wedding, with so many more variables and the hiring of outdoor equipment it’s useful to have someone onsite overseeing the day.

You can always drop me an email here to ask any questions and enquire about my planning services.