Practical wedding planning advice for COVID-19

Driveway at Balcombe Place, starting the wedding planning journey

I’m a wedding planner and also a recently engaged bride to be planning my own wedding during a pandemic. With both of those things in mind, I’ve taken some time out this week to write some practical planning advice for a post COVID-19 wedding.

I was lucky enough to be swept away on a romantic birthday weekend for a proposal from my long term partner mid-way through 2020, and it was just perfect. We loved every minute of the weekend, when we got back we excitedly started talking about our wedding plans before remembering we were living in a pandemic! 

So I set up a pinterest board and said I’d wait until the new year before starting to plan (as surely we’d wake up on Jan 1st to a new world.)

January has rolled around now and I’ll admit to feeling deflated about the whole thing. It wasn’t until I sat down to write this blog post that I realised I haven’t been taking my own advice. So instead of focusing on the activities and decisions that we can’t plan or do, let’s as brides planning through a pandemic get on and enjoy the things we can. 

Image of Emma from Weddings by Emma Louise with partner Lewis recently engaged with diamond engagement ring. Ready to plan the wedding.

Enjoy your engagement! COVID-19 doesn’t have to stop your fun.

Now this is a biggy, and I will be the first to admit that because I couldn’t have an engagement party or show my ring off to every passer-by that I moved past the engagement phase pretty quick.  I’m sad about that, and I don’t want you to be sad about it!  If your very recently engaged and really need something to look forward to, then plan that summer party (maybe keep it small though!)

Coupe glass tower for a champagne fountain with a bottle of Veuve Cliqout and Moet Rose and bespoke couples bar menu.  Celebrate your engagement before planning your wedding.
Claire Graham Photography

Think ahead and book your wedding suppliers

If I had a crystal ball then I would say that 2022 and 2023 are going to be BUSY for weddings, which means confirming your favourite supplier on your wedding date might be trickier than usual. Wonderful engagements still happen every day, but more couples will be pushing their wedding dates into the next few years rather than late 2021, plus postponed weddings will make key dates very busy indeed. 

Prioritise suppliers that you really HAVE to have – this way you aren’t committing money to lots of different suppliers, when it feels really far away still but your securing the ones that you really must have. 

Four tier wedding cake by Anna Lewis Cake Design in white and blue with a modern acrylic tier and intricate sugar flowers. Research your suppliers online whilst planning during covid-19
Megan Daisy Photography and Anna Lewis Cake Design

Try not to become overwhelmed with wedding planning

If your Instagram feed is anything like mine then it’s full of wonderful wedding suppliers and inspiration, it’s also easy to sit on Pinterest for hours scrolling mindlessly. You end up overwhelmed, thinking you must have everything you’ve seen online at your wedding with no idea how to implement it.

Or during this time especially you know what you want to book, but you’re worried about it being the wrong time to confirm.  Set days or hours that are fun planning time, relaxing with wine on a Sunday is usually my go to. Use this time to research a specific supplier and make approaches to some of your favourites before moving on to another supplier the next week.  

Stay in bed a little longer whilst planning your wedding during COVID-19. Image of bride in bed with a cup of coffee.
Megan Daisy Photography at Botley Hill Barn

Keep your planning timeline flexible and practical

I’m a planner, which means I have wedding planning timelines professionally and my own personal one and I like to stick with the plan as much as possible.

But recognising that this isn’t a normal year and that you can’t control everything right now will help to alleviate pressure. If you aren’t able to do venue site visits, menu tastings or hair & make-up trials then rearrange to a later date and focus on the things you can do. The planning experience doesn’t need to be any less enjoyable, just look at practical options. Lots of wedding cake companies with post you a cake box tasting, there are now letterbox wine tastings, and your future self will love you if you create a wedding website and write your gift list. 

Gorgeous display of grazing lunch plates by Kalm Kitchen at Millbridge Court.
Hannah Duffy Photography, Kalm Kitchen at Millbridge Court

Stay on track and keep focused during wedding planning.

Through all of the up’s and down’s we are experiencing right now it’s going to be easy to lose sight of your goals. Start with a really good styling and design concept, keep a good record of your budget and refer back to these regularly. Every time you feel a bit lost, start researching a new supplier or lose hope look back at these tools, refocus your mind and remember how awesome your day is going to be when you get there! 

If you need some help staying on track with your wedding planning and some practical wedding planning advice during COVID-19 then why not take a look at my services and contact me to book your free consultation call?

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