Three places to start when putting together your wedding colour palette.

Continuing with my theme of the month, giving you all of my design and styling tips for putting together a beautiful wedding. This blog post is all about choosing your colour palette, it’s key to a cohesive design that flows throughout the day and in usual fashion starting with looking outside is my favourite place!

There is a lot of theory around colour’s, and lot’s to consider. It can be really easy to end up in a complete confused mess of swatches not sure whether the different shades of lilac will match. Here’s my top three places to start before you consider which tones and textures to use.


When helping a couple narrow down their colour options my first place to start is to be inspired by nature and in particular the season the wedding is going to take place in. Or you could choose your favourite time of the year. There is so much changing colour outside, and not only just the season but also a location. The wood’s yield rich yellows, auburns and oranges during autumn whilst being near the ocean in summer is all about twinkling blues, and washy whites.

This gorgeous lamppost pillar that Sue at Bramble and Belle created gives just enough wow factor whilst also feeling like it has always been part of the building. The rich autumnal colours and wild, loose styling are inspired and recreated with the season in mind.

Beautiful autumnal blooms by Bramble & Belle photographed by Claire Graham at Balcombe Place


Look at what you already love! Look around your home and how you’ve decorated your home, do you have rich blue suedes or grey neutrals. This can be a great steer on what you already like to be surrounded by.

I used the interiors of Balcombe Place to help me narrow down colour choices, it’s a gorgeous grand venue, steeped in history and ready to transport you to a different era. It oozes luxury, and all of little details elevate the rooms. There is lot’s of dark wood within the venue however I really wanted to flip this on the head and champion the lightness that there was and brighten up autumn.


Be inspired by your wedding venue, now this is a place that you LOVE and it can be a great steer for the style and colours of your entire day. A blank canvas is always lovely, but if you’ve got a ceremony room with a strong colour already in the decor then sometimes working with it to create a colour palette around it will be your best option.

There is grandeur with Balcombe Place and choosing a very grown up, yet modern colour palette was important. I went with brightness and lightness in the table linen, stationery and some of the florals with complimenting darker plums, almost browns to create a warm vibe and gel with the dark wood in the venue.

It’s also helpful to look at other colour influences around you like fashion, art, and what’s on trend that you love.

Once I have the main two to three colours in place for a wedding, the ones that I know the couple want to feature I will start to weave in variety and dimension with complimentary colours and neutrals. This was the finished palette for the shoot at Balcombe Place, but it went through lot’s of changes and edits before becoming this and it can change dramatically once speaking with the florist who can really help narrow down what florals will be available at the time you are due to get married.

Don’t be afraid to get stuck in with choosing colour, you don’t need to stick with just one and your florist really can be a great source of knowledge when you are thinking about mixing shades and tones.

I love hearing from you, so if you need any help choosing colours and you more questions then drop me an email or message! I even offer a bespoke styling service if you’d like me to help with your wedding you can find out more here

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